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TRANSFLOWASIA is India’s one of the leading manufacturing firm in the filed of PTFE, FEP, PFA and TEFLON products. We are located in the City of Vadodara (Gujarat State), India. For many years we have been working with various chemical industries (domestic as well as international) as an engineer partner.


We specialize in design and manufacture of high purity, corrosion and release products for various industries all over the world. Customer satisfaction is essential to our success. It is possible by understanding the requirements of client’s by providing the quality products and services in a timely manner.

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PTFE lined pipes & fittings:

PTFE lined Pipes

PTFE lined Pipes

Our PTFE lined pipe series starts from 25mm to 300mm Diameter and up to 3000mm in lengths. Our standard pipes are with one end fix flange and one end loose flange. We can supply both end fix flanges and loose flanges on specific requirements.

Jacketed pipes with various metals (fabricated steel, cast ductile iron, 304 and 316 stainless steel, etc.) are available. It is also possible to vary Metal Pipe thickness (S10, S20, S40, S80, etc.) on a special order basis.

Standard flange thickness is as per AISI standards. Flanges 150 #, 300# and DIN rotating flanges are available in a variety of materials.

All our standard pipes are supplied with vent holes for leakage detection during operation



PTFE lined Elbows

Elbows are manufactured using 90°, 60°, 45° or 30°. Other types of angles are available on request. All elbows are supplied always with a fix flanges and loose flanges are on request only.

Jacked elbows with various metal options are available for special application on request.

We offer a wide variety of PTFE lined elbows. All PTFE lined elbows are lined with paste extruded PTFE liners flared each end over the flange faces similar to our pipe spools.

Our standard elbows are manufactured to ASME B16.5 class 150 dimensions. We can also offer elbows to DIN dimensions, all our elbows can be supplied with a stainless steel body for use on clean rooms etc.

Long Radius 45 Degree and 90 Degree Elbows on special request which is ideal for use with in slurry lines to keep pressure drops to a minimum.


PTFE lined spacers

Solid PTFE or Lined spacers are available for connecting flanges at short distance.

For lengths which are just a little too short to be a pipe spool we offer PTFE lined pipe with welded stub ends, this is effectively a pipe spool without flanges being manufactured from lined steel pipe with 2 off welded stub ends as used on a pipe spool with PTFE paste extruded liner flared each end.

For spacers too short where we cannot weld 2 stub ends, we manufacture the steel from a solid billet machined to the correct length and then lined with PTFE extruded tube flared each end.

For the shortest lengths of spacer we supply a solid ring of PTFE. Note that these do not have the support of a steel housing they can only safely be used for short lengths.



FEP/PFA lined Tee / cross & Instrument Tees

FEP/PFA lined Tee; Cross & Instrument Tees are generally manufactured to ASME B16.5 class 150 dimensions. We can also offer fittings to DIN dimensions.

Fixed flanges are used as a standard. Fixed and Loose flange connections are also availableon request.

Instrument Tees to be used for temperature, pressure indicators And/or for samplings. The bodies are welded steel. (Cast iron on request)



PTFE/FEP Lined Reducer & Reducing flanges

Reducers are mainly two types, concentric reducers & Eccentric reducers, our standard reducers. Generally cast steel with PTFE/FEP lining with flanged end connections.

Our standard reducers insure free flow of fluids for horizontal and vertical lines equally.

FEP/PFA lined reducing flanges can be grouped into different types, the configuration is based on the closeness of the small bore bolt holes to the large bore bolt holes. Each type is designed so that they do not clash and that the nuts can be fitted successfully.


FEP/PFA lined sight flow indicator

Our FEP/PFA lined sight flow indicator/sight glass indicators are ideal for observing fluid characteristics of severely corrosive liquids. Motion, flow and color can be inspected visually during the process,

Our Double Window Sight Glass provides clear visual flow indication on any corrosive service as all internal components other than glass have been fully lined with either FEP or PFA depending on application.

Both the glasses are bolted with the body. Fluids can be viewed from either top or bottom side.


PTFE lined Dip Pipes/Feed Pipes

Our PTFE lined steel dip pipes and spargers are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. All units are given extreme stress tests to validate their integrity and ensure long life.

A broad range of options are available to meet your process requirements. These include diverters (to direct/gas flow away or towards vessel walls), Extended flares (to eliminate additional reducing flanges), spargers, Anti-Siphon Holes etc.


Extended Flare Technology

Transflow’s extended ‘flare face technology’ eliminates costly reducing flanges by allowing oversized mounting flanges to be integrated into dip pipe fabrication. This is also an important factor in reduction of fugitive emissions; fewer connections mean fewer leak points.


Transflow Diverter Pipe

A unique tight radius bend capability is ideal when a diverter is required to deflect liquid of gas either towards or away from a vessel wall. The curvature at the bottom of the pipe simplifies the installation of the dip pipe in reactors with limited overhead space. Variations of the standard diverter’s geometry can be accommodated in most cases.


PTFE lined agitator

We offer specially designed PTFE lined agitator/ Stirrer with long life & reliability for replacing costly glass lined agitators, we also offer PTFE lining on used glass lined agitators. For large size borosilicate glass reactors, PTFE lined agitator provides conformability of assembly with flexibility of specific designs required for agitation to save energy cost.



FEP lined man-way cover

Our FEP lined man way cover is solution of costly re-glass lining and cheeping problems, our standard designs are directly interchangeable to majority Indian glass lined reactors, Regular use of man way for charging of liquid or solid powder becomes easy after replacing glass lined cover to FEP lined cover.

PTFE lined Metal Hose & metal bellows

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