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TRANSFLOWASIA is India’s one of the leading manufacturing firm in the filed of PTFE, FEP, PFA and TEFLON products. We are located in the City of Vadodara (Gujarat State), India. For many years we have been working with various chemical industries (domestic as well as international) as an engineer partner.


We specialize in design and manufacture of high purity, corrosion and release products for various industries all over the world. Customer satisfaction is essential to our success. It is possible by understanding the requirements of client’s by providing the quality products and services in a timely manner.

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PTFE products

Long length bellows- ptfe

PTFE bellows for pressure / vacuum applications (size 1” to 12”)

The PTFE bellows are formed by cutting alternately into the bore and external surfaces of a PTFE cylinder, to form internal and external grooves. Typical applications include expansion and anti vibration joints, connections which allow a high level of misalignment, and one piece coupling systems which replace multi fitting configurations in difficult or confined areas of a production plant..

The high level of chemical resistance of the PTFE material makes the bellows use with a wide range of piping and vessel materials, including glass, lined carbon steel and stainless steel, composite and flexible materials up to service temperature as high as 230'C depending upon the nature of the fluid being handled and the service pressure.


PTFE Line Bellows for Connecting Glass to Glass


PTFE Line Bellows for Connecting Glass to Other Material


PTFE Vacuum Bellows for Connecting Glass to Glass


PTFE Vacuum Bellows for Connecting Glass to Other Material


Bellows For Divided Flanges


Bellows For Loose Flanges



Machined PTFE BELLOWS are used mainly in chemical process pipelines and chemical equipment. The following basic types are available:

  • Pointed folds, large expansion for low pressures up to 1 bar, max. 150°C
  • round folds, medium expansion for medium pressures up to approx. 5 bar, max. 150°C
  • square folds, low expansion for higher pressures, max 150°C
Special versions, including metal reinforcing rings, are available for high pressures and temperatures.

bellows can be supplied with and without steel- or GRP-flanges.

PTFE “ O” ring

PTFE ‘O ‘ ring are manufactured by using a specially selected high quality virgin PTFE material, During assembly of metal or plastic coupling these ‘O’ ring works as a sealing surface of two glass ends, our well trained machinist maintains accuracy of oveall and sealing surface.


Valves Bellows for Line valve, Flush bottom valve

Valve bellows for various applications of glass pipes & fittings like line valve, flush bottom valve, angle valve etc. at the same time providing tight seating and minimum leakage to atmosphere .We maintain standard sizes in ex-stock for prompt delivery to customers, our standard range consists of GFT valve bellow, PTFE valves bellow, Flush bottom valve bellows general applications.

We will consider any special design the customer has mind. PTFE or glass-lined valves (fire-safe and with bellows seal), are used on glass-lined valves (fire-safe and with bellows seal), are used on glass-lined reactors in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry

PTFE Nozzle liners / Solid PTFE bush for GLR nozzles

PTFE nozzle protection bush for Glass lined Reactor is made from virgin PTFE material, our experienced production team provides International Quality products with required dimensions and fitting. Minimum delivery period insures saving of production loss during operation due to glass cheeping.

We offer all types of nozzle bush like round, oval shape, and elliptical shape up 1000 mm diameter sizes. Material of construction is: PTFE OR 25 % GLASSFILLED PTFE,


PTFE Envelope Gasket with SS Ring

This soft flexible gasket and sealing material easily conforms to sealing surface imperfections with less torque than conventional materials. Expanded PTFE resists cold flow and creep while offering the widest range of sealibility, chemical resistance, and temperature service of any material offered

specification :

  • CAF or non asbestos insert with ss corrugated ring
  • Tailor made sizes available for glass lined reactor or any application.
  • Elliptical manway sizes 350 x 450 , 300x 400 available


PTFE Stirrer for glass reactors

PTFE stirrers / PTFE agitators are widely used in glass reactors for different stirring requirement, our specially designed PTFE and PTFE lined stirrers are based on vessel size and capacity. Standard sizes of PTFE stirrers for glass assembly are based on stirring volume like 50 Ltr,100 Ltr,& 200 Ltr. for spherical and cylindrical vessels. We offer impellor type, Anchor type stirrers in standard applications.

For viscous liquid agitation please consult our factory for special designs.

We supply PTFE stirrers as a mixing solutions and products to customers worldwide. These stirrers are used in the chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, polymers and food & grain processing industries.

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