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TRANSFLOWASIA is India’s one of the leading manufacturing firm in the filed of PTFE, FEP, PFA and TEFLON products. We are located in the City of Vadodara (Gujarat State), India. For many years we have been working with various chemical industries (domestic as well as international) as an engineer partner.


We specialize in design and manufacture of high purity, corrosion and release products for various industries all over the world. Customer satisfaction is essential to our success. It is possible by understanding the requirements of client’s by providing the quality products and services in a timely manner.

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High Pressure expansion bellows

PTFE bellows for high pressure /vaccum applications

We are one of the leading manufacturer of PTFE expansion bellows. Our high performance bellows have been designed with rigorous practical tests in applications involving combined bellows movements to ensure long and reliable life.

Bellows are commonly used to reduce vibration, for example on the outlet of pumps, to compensate for thermal expansion in long pipe runs etc. To overcome minor piping misalignments and to reduce sound and vibration noise.

All bellows are PTFE, with epoxy coated carbon steel flanges as standard. Expansion joints can be supplied with Static Dissipating PTFE or with stainless steel flanges. For powder duties we recommend the fitment of an inner smooth bore PTFE sleeve to reduce product hold up in the convolutions. The PTFE membranes are manufactured from Paste extruded PTFE with accurately controlled wall thicknesses. Bellows sizes typically from 25 mm up to 300 mm dia are available.

The bellows are supplied with 3 tie rods and spacer tubes to prevent excessive axial movement and stainless steel outer support rings to maintain product integrity at elevate temperatures and pressures.

PTFE expansion bellows


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